The Chandler School of Etiquette is focused on helping restore civility to our American culture by empowering students of all ages to contribute to society in a positive, effective, confident, and courteous manner.

All sorts of excuses are given as to why our culture has lost so much of its civility, but almost everyone recognizes the value of decorum – appropriate behavior and appearance – in social and business situations.

Empowered by Etiquette

for Business and Professional clients, addresses challenging business etiquette and protocol issues. Our multiple components allow us to design seminars and workshops to specifically meet your needs – a sort of "etiquette buffet" to enhance your business.

This course offers:

  • Young Professionals the skills to achieve and advance in today’s competitive market place.
  • Seasoned Managers the professional presence to move up the corporate ladder.
  • Senior Executives the skills that strengthen corporate relationships and instill confidence to face many of the challenges of the corporate community.

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Backpack to Briefcase

is our unique offering for students just entering the world of work or pursuing a post-graduate degree. Many of the components from our "Empowered by Etiquette" course are incorporated. This course is designed to empower students with those special qualities that elevate them above others with similar degrees and GPAs.

This course is for:

  • College graduates entering the business or professional arena.
  • College graduates pursuing post-graduate degrees, particularly those involving a competitive interview process.
  • High school graduates interviewing for college scholarships.
  • High school graduates entering the business world.

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“Bee-ing” Your Best

is our program for Children and Teens and is divided into age groups from first grade through high school. Each of the offerings emphasizes the timeless principles of respect, consideration, and honesty. Children and Teens are taught in a pleasant, safe environment and provided an elegant dining experience at the conclusion of each session.

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Style and Grace

is our Social Etiquette coaching course, designed for individuals or smaller groups who have specific requests in mind. It may be planning and hosting an event, preparing to take a family vacation abroad, polishing dining or communication skills, or enhancing professional image. Whatever the situation, we prepare you to be confident and at ease.

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We look forward to talking with you personally about how etiquette training will empower you.


“Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.”







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